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the history of, Topaz Nails & RugbyREF

Sketch NZ was a Custom Project Venture of Cobus & Monica Fenwick between 2015 and 2021, delivering a number of unique builds such as the Korero iHUB (Waikato Hospital), He POU Ramara (Mt Hot Pools) and Nineteen Digital, Illuminated Signs & Pylons across the Waikato and BOP, including Southwell and HCS.

Monica, or Monz, who has a background in Sales, Corporate Branding and Early Childcare, has been involved in the Beauty Industry since 2018, starting TOPAZ NAILS in 2022


Cobus, or Koos, with a 25yr background in Franchising and Business Consulting, started in Signage in 2009 and Custom-built Concepts in 2015. He has been involved in Waikato Club Rugby since 2015 and Active Senior WRU Referee since 2018, started development of the RugbyREF App in 2019. 

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