about sketch.nz

Sketch NZ was built on Old School Values, focusing on Client Relationships, the Delivery of Quality Products and  Unique Custom-built Concepts since 2017, offering a Comprehensive Project Management Turnkey Solution.


Cobus Fenwick spent 25yrs in Franchising, Business Management and Corporate Branding, before permanently

relocating to New Zealand in 2007. He was actively part of the New Zealand Signage Industry since 2010,

before starting his own (ad)venture in 2014, changing the business model to SketchNZ in 2019.

Originally focusing on the niche market of Custom and LED Illuminated Signage, as well as Custom-built Digital Pylons,

and working with a Select Group of Specialist Contractors, started shifting focus to more unique Custom Projects

through Design Engine Architects that included the unique KORERO iHUB Project for WDHB (2017)

as well as the recent Mount Hot Pools (Mt Maunganui) Project in 2020/21, welcome to SketchNZ.